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We are happy to welcome you on our website emmitsburgdispatch.com. Emmitsburg is a very small village, which was founded in 1785 in the wonderful Frederick Country. Frederick Country is located in Maryland, which owns the status of an American state. The Population of Emmitsburg is readily comprehensible, because actually it counts round about 3000 peoples. Furthermore the total area of this village is not so big with 1.1 square miles, which can be converted to 3km².

This data is based on information from the United States Census Bureau. Even if this village is very small, it is the home of the more or less famous Mount St. Mary’s University. Further institutions which are worth to mention are the National Emergeny Training Center and the National Fallen FireFighter’s Memorial. Despite that the Emergency Management Institute is also located on the former campus of the St. Joseph’s College.

The history of this village respective town is interesting. In the context of the American civil war at 1863, the half village was burned down in a mysterious fire in the night of the 23rd June. There folklore gave the name “The Great Fire” to this drastic incident. Today Emmitsburg is a neat and small village which even owns a small newspaper, which is published on a monthly period.

The current name of Emmitsburg’s newspaper is “Emmitsburg News Journal”. It looks like this was different in the past, because on the German version of the well known Wikipedia, the local newspaper is called “Emmitsburg Dispatch”. Whatever, as noted before, we are happy to welcome you to our website, which will inform you on a irregular basis about news, trends and hypes about the small, but beautiful village Emmitsburg in the United States of America.