How to Tell Your Pet Sitter Is a Careless One

How to Tell Your Pet Sitter Is a Careless One

You may have heard pet sitting stories in Australia about a few of those who fail to show up or some whose qualifications turned out to be untrue. Here are some of the signs of lousy pet sitting gold coast to keep you on the loop.

If you notice that your dog or cat’s feeding area is messy, it indicates a lack of care from the pet sitter Adelaide. If the food bowl has not been washed for days or the water not changed, this is a health hazard for you and your dog. Unsanitary feeding areas also create a home for pungent smell and bugs.

In case you often come home to the constant smell of dog poop and carpet stains, it indicates your pet has been neglected. Also if you notice scratch marks on the door shows that the pet sitter did not pay attention to the pet’s toilet time. Pet sitting Sydney should follow the animal routine to keep them from relieving themselves anywhere.

Professional pet sitting Brisbane accords respect to the property of the owner. Finding out that your sitter breaks your house rules and does not respect your property, it would be dangerous to leave him or her with your dog while you are away.

When you hire pet sitting Adelaide services, you should not tolerate unexplained injury. It is common for animals to get bruises due to their playful and curious nature. However, if you notice deep cuts or bruises in peculiar parts that the pet sitter Canberra cannot account for, you should start looking for a new sitter.

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