Starting A Business With Minimal Resources

Starting A Business With Minimal Resources

I have had several people telling me they want to start a business but do not even know where to start. Honestly, it can be quite overwhelming if you have no steps to follow. Therefore, what Im sharing with you here can serve as guidelines for you.

Be sure that what you intend to do is your passion.

Do not just jump into any business because its a hug, your friend earned money out of it, you think it will make money, or for any reason other than its your passion. So before you even think about starting your own business, ask yourself the following questions. What do I love to do? What do I think about doing? What am I really good at? What do I have the most experience with? From here you will know what your passion really is. And if the company you intend to set up does not fall into this category, forget it. It will not work.

Work with what you have.

Do not even think about thousands or hundreds of thousands if all you have is hundreds. Im not talking about financial forecasts here but where to start. If all you can save is 500, then work on it. If all you have is a computer and a phone, work with yours. Start with what you have, not what you do not have. Then work from there. If you need state-of-the-art equipment, look for some used for sale instead of buying the brand new. Keep your costs low.

Invest wisely.

Whether youre planning to borrow money or youve got enough savings to start with, youll learn to invest wisely. Write down everything you need and prioritize. Your priority should be your main business tools or equipment, as well as your PR tools. Find out which business laws you have in your city or state.

Get all your tools ready.

Other than equipment, furniture, supplies and other things you need for your business, the tools that you need to prioritize your marketing tools. These include your business card, website, flyer, business card, stationery, brochure, social media, etc. The type and extent of public relations tools you need depends on the type of business you are thinking about.

The campaign is the key.

Once you have all your marketing tools ready, it will be easier to market your business. Keep your business card with you all the time and give it to someone you meet. Your business card should already have your website and social media addresses. Flyers help a lot when you promote a product or service featured better through pictures such as photography, weddings, flower arrangements, etc. Brochures are most effective if your target audience is groups of people such as churches, organizations, companies, etc.

Build relationships.

Repeated operations are the biggest indicator of a good company. And the only way people will refer you to others, or do business with you again, is whether they are happy with what you gave them. Customer satisfaction is not so much how good your product or service is but how well they felt for you and what you did for them. Its about the relationship you build with people.

Integrity is most counted.

Integrity is more than confidence. It is the result of consistent credibility. That means you are talking to you. You deliver what you say you should do. You are busy with your commitments. Once you have integrity, customers will prefer you to your competitors. They will choose you because they know they can trust you, whatever happens.

Work harder than an employee.

Some people who are thinking about starting their own businesses think that if they do, they can relax and act as the big boss who seems to do nothing but go around. The opposite applies. Because you are your own boss when you have your own business, you really need to act as a boss. And managers do not just go around. They are the ones who do almost everything thinking, problem solving, decision making, financing, networking and all the more difficult and boring mental tasks. Add this as the hardest worker you can ever find. In short, you are the boss and employee at the same time, if you do not plan to hire people under you.

Stay committed and consistent.

Once you have started a business, you must remain committed to it. Its not an experiment you can only start, and ends when it does not work in a few months. You can not be dictated by your feelings. You have to go no matter what happens. This brings us back to what I said at the beginning of this article - find out what your passion is.

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