Working With People Inside Your Business

Working With People Inside Your Business

For many of us, the entrepreneurial company is a loner, at least first. Depending on what you produce, you may not need any employees. It may simply be that your needs are modest, so its more logical to outsource your work needs. Or, as usual, you simply can not afford them first, so you have to wear all the hats in the business. Some business authorities, especially those engaged in business opportunities and information marketing, will tell to avoid employees altogether because they are expensive, they cause problems and they are not worth the effort. and worse, they will win in your profits.

But good employees can be worth much more than they cost you, if only because they let you scale your business up to the limit of a single person. There are only so many hours of the day, and remember, you have to spend your time just doing the tasks that give the highest value to the company. It has been said that it is worth more that Bill Gates will go about his business than taking the time to pick up a hundred dollar bill he sees on the street. Do not you want that kind of problem?

If you decide to have employees, you surround yourself with a core group of people who are super-qualified where you are weak or good at things that do not compensate you as profitable as your high-quality tasks. For example, you can hire a manager and let them handle while focusing on marketing. and its always a good idea to hire someone to do basic office chores and cases. In any case, find the best people you can and pay them what they are worth for you. Then hold them and do not let them go. When this core group of employees is in place, you can hire new people and temporary help as needed.

While it is of course best to treat your employees with respect and kindness, how far you go with it is up to you. Some marketers say that you will fall in love with your team members and staff just as you should with your customers. Others say you should be friendly with employees, but not be friends with them. I would say to let your personality be the guide. Most of us will fall between the extremes of adoration and dependence, depending on our personal and professional needs.

One thing you really have to do is learn to see the staff selection as a marketing feature. As with most marketing features, a good job of choosing the right employees can help you make money while choosing bad things to hurt you ... and studies show that up to 75% of employees are outraged. Common rental errors include hiring people you like, or hiring people like you. You shall never hire or retain an employee for purely emotional or selfish reasons. An employment error can cost you tens of thousands of dollars, even at the small business level the average bad rental costs 60,000. Therefore, be extremely careful to hire individuals on a trial basis, for example, from a temporary agency, and always have a 90-day trial period for new employees so that you can erase the poor or poorly functioning. You should never hesitate to get rid of people who are hurting your business or just not producing.

On the other hand, you must also realize that not everyone you hire will be a superstar. Keep in mind that the important is the result, not whether your employees are all strong, handsome and above average, to paraphrase Garrison Keillors assessment of his Lake Woebegone characters. Companies that rent only extraordinary people will fail because there is not enough in the world. You will not build a good company if you have to trust big people. You must expect to hire regular people, average joes and janes. They will be good at some things but bad at others, and they probably will not share your philosophical mindset. But its common people combined with extraordinary systems and leverage that will get your results. You can not expect a quarter horse to win the Kentucky Derby. You must appreciate them for what they are, do not be frustrated when they do not produce as Seattle Slew or secretariat. While this analogy may be slightly less than commitment, it gets the score over.

Thats not to say you can not get superstars, but its not easy, especially when you talk about sellers. You have to chase them nicely, using certain keywords in your postings. For example, announce that you are looking for people who are challenged by a demanding position, long hours and maximum pay. Invite them to build an empire within my company. Test their ego to qualify them as superstars. A true superstar seller, for example, needs a healthy ego as well as an ability to understand and sympathize with their customers.

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